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Maybe your swing issues have nothing to do with you - maybe it’s your clubs. (Wouldn’t that be nice!?) That’s exactly what our certified club fitting professionals are here to find out. Using our state-of-the-art launch monitor that tracks ball flight, club impact and trajectory, they can custom fit a new set of clubs just for you. Then, you can take them out give them a test drive. Literally! We have hundreds of fitting woods and irons for men, women and even lefties, so you can see what club feels best to you on our 200+ yard driving range.




What are you certified to fit?
We are a certified fitting centers for the following major brands: TaylorMade Mizuno, Ping and Callaway. And, we are one of only facilities in the tri-state area to have fitting carts from all the above manufacturers with interchangeable heads and shafts, giving you thousands of custom combinations to try on site. We can fit you for Titleist products as well.


Do you only fit new clubs?
No, we also offer Retro-Fitting Services for your existing clubs to determine if you would benefit from adjustments or a club change.


Why should you be fit for clubs?
If the clubs you’re currently using are inappropriate for your swing, consistency is near impossible. The wrong shaft length or flex may cause lack of distance, hooks or slices. Playing with the wrong lie will have an effect on your trajectory, or can cause pulls, pushes, hooks or slices. The grip size can affect the way you hold the club, and may cause hooks or slices or too much tension in your hands.


What happens in a custom fitting session?
A custom fitting session usually takes about a half-hour, although we’ll work with you for as long as it takes for you to be satisfied. You’ll team with one of our certified fitters to find clubs that feel good to you. You'll test a variety of styles and shaft flexes from different manufacturers, using face and sole tape to indicate your points of impact and swing path. We use a launch monitor system to compare individual club performance, calculate ball spin rates, launch speeds and angles, and verify what you feel and what we see in determining the clubs with optimal performance for you.


Why is club-testing better at a driving range?
Unlike stores where you hit directly into a net, testing clubs at a driving range like ours allows you to actually see where the ball goes. Ball flight results are extremely important in determining proper club fit. Many times it can appear as if you've hit the ball straight, only to see it hook or fade before landing, which you would not be able to see hitting into a net or cage.


How do I schedule a fit?
In an effort to provide the proper amount of time and individual attention, we offer club fitting by appointment only. Email or call us at 215-357-1622 to schedule your appointment today.


What happens after a fit session?
You'll never be pressured to make a purchase. We keep your personal specifications until you’re ready to make a decision. Even after you buy, we’ll keep your specifications on file so that you can add or replace a club to your set at any time. If you choose in-stock clubs, you can be out practicing on the range right away. Custom-made clubs are usually shipped within 10 days from order placement at the manufacturer.


How much will a custom launch monitored fitting cost me*?
Irons or Woods ...............$69.99
Irons & Woods ................$99.99
Quik Fit............................$39.99

*Half of fitting cost rebated with purchase of a new set of clubs or woods!





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