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Our club repair specialists have extensive training in all aspects of club-building and can help you make the proper changes to your equipment.



Clubs with worn grips will slip in your hands, causing open or closed club faces that result in hooks, slices and strokes. Incorrectly sized grips may cause you to grip the club too tightly, causing tension in your hands and loss of distance. For optimum performance, re-grip after 20-rounds or every six months (whichever comes first). Our pro shop will install new grips by Winn and Golf Pride in 48 hours. Guaranteed. Oh, and ask about our special grips for players with arthritis!



Every player has an optimum shaft for their swing. Our experts will help you find the one meant for you. The right shaft will give you optimum ball flight, proper spin rate and launch angle. Sometimes a shaft change is more effective and costs less than buying an entirely new club. Have your clubs upgraded with the latest shafts from Fujikura, Nippon, Grafalloy, Rifle and more.



Not sure what kind of spikes your shoes have now? That’s what we’re here for. We’ll tell you which to buy and then put them on for FREE while you’re on the range or taking a lesson!

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